The Whole World's Family Tree in Seadragon

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Scott Mueller has launched an ambitious site called AppleTree which aims to map out the family tree of the world in order to show you how you’re related to everyone. That’s right, everyone in the whole wide world. The site is brand-new, so of course the world’s population isn’t on there yet – in fact, there are only around 8K+ some users right now according to the link at the top of the page. However, AppleTree has some very cool features so if they ever gain traction, it will definitely be a fun site to use and explore.

The site is built using Seadragon Ajax which lets you zoom and pan around the entire family tree which is accessible right from the homepage, even if you’re not signed up for an AppleTree account. Seadragon is also used to display the photo galleries containing the images uploaded by the site’s users.

There’s no fee to use AppleTree, so if you want to start adding your relatives to the list, you can sign up now.

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