TinyTwitter Updated: Now Add Pictures and Geolocate Your Tweets

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If you have a Windows Mobile device and you are a Twitter user, then you may have heard of an app called TinyTwitter. Many people say that TinyTwitter is already one of the best applications for using Twitter on their mobile phone, but now it’s even better than before! A recent update to TinyTwitter has added two great new features: picture uploads and geolocation. The picture uploading is done via a service called TwitPic and there’s nothing special you have to do to use it – just add append a picture to your tweet.

The new geolocation feature is pretty great too, especially because it’s using our very own Live Maps service to geolocate your tweets. Assuming your mobile phone has GPS built in, your tweets will be mapped out and posted on a timeline along with a link to Live Maps so people can see where you are. Don’t worry, though, it won’t be exact enough to encourage stalking.

To try out the new version of this app, go to TinyTwitter.com on your PC or visit m.ttwt.at from your mobile phone.

(Thanks to Jeremy Cath for the tip! Img courtesy PocketPCThoughts)

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