Top 10 Tips for Typists–The Command Line is Back!

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Okay, so we all know that the Command Line never really went away in certain circles (I spent this weekend snuggling up to netsh, if you must know) but as the world continues its unhealthy obsession with the latest gizmo and must-have widget, the good old Command Line no longer gets the exposure it really deserves in the tech press.

That’s why I was cheered to see TechRadar’s feature at the weekend highlighting the Top 10 Windows Command Line Tips and Tricks. Hurrah, the Command Line is cool again! Well, maybe retro cool, like a Mini.

Packed choc-a-bloc with sneaky tweaks to get the most from your time with the command line, the guide gives you the lowdown on customising fonts and colours to create that old-school green-screen effect, increasing the command buffer size, enabling copy and paste, dragging and dropping filenames from Windows Explorer and a whole lot more.

Whilst I’m 99% percent sure these tips won’t be so new to you Niners, there may well be a long-forgotten cherry in there somewhere, and if not, let’s out-do TechRadar with our own set of Command Line tips from the real experts… over to you!


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    I remember, when i freak out when Mark Russovich @ some PDD session psuhed F7 to bring up command history )

    By the face expression of some ppl, they were like : "Whoa... he is a wizard!"

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