Touch-Enabled Eee PCs Are Coming

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The Eee PC was one of the first sub-notebooks to arrive on the market, launching a whole new trend for computing. These new “netbooks,” as they’re being called, are finding surging popularity as they offer low-cost computing in a time when the economy is putting strain on consumer’s wallets.

On the first birthday of the Eee PC, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen shared some figures about how well his company has been doing and he hinted towards their future plans.

According to Shen, 4 million Eee PCs have been sold to date and the company hopes to reach the goal of 5 million by the end of 2008. That figure only includes Eee PCs themselves and not the company’s other products like the Eee Box (a mini desktop PC), the upcoming Eee Stick (a gaming controller), or the EeeTop, an all-in-one desktop that feature an LCD which houses the computer itself, like a low-cost version of the iMac or Gateway ONE.

Shen revealed only a few details about the upcoming Eee PCs, arriving early 2009, saying that they are “cool and the industrial design is stylish.” However, he did announce the prices will range from $250-700. $250!! That's less than some of today's mobile phones.

Also in 2009, he mentioned that we can expect to see the first touch-enabled Eee PCs running Windows 7. We SO cannot wait for that!  

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