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As we enter into hurricane season, there’s no shortage of sites and tools for monitoring the latest news, viewing satellite imagery, and getting other storm-related information online. As I write this, I’m watching as Hurricane Gustav pounds the still-recovering Gulf Coast of Louisiana and already there’s another storm, Hurricane Hanna, on its way to Georgia (well, possibly – you know how these things go). 

This season, weather watchers can track these and all other future storms using the new MSNBC Hurricane Tracker. Built on top of Virtual Earth, you can pick a storm to track from the dropdown provided (the link reads “more”) to see its path displayed on a map alongside other information like wind speed, ground speed, and pressure. Circles representing the eye of the storm are color-coded to denote how strong the storm is (Category 1 – 5) and when you hover your mouse over them, the exact GPS coordinates display. The bottom left side of the screen has a graph that shows a progress of the storm over time. You can also zoom in and out, pan, and rotate the map to get a better look. The Hurricane Tracker is a really handy tool to use to see exactly where the storms are and where they are headed, too.

For anyone in the path of any of these storms, we hope you take precautions and stay safe. Good luck!

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