Tweet de France - a Map of Tour de France Twitter Updates

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We already told you about the excellent Tour de France map app, courtesy of Bing, which highlights the race’s course, start and stops, feed zones, hill climbs and more in both standard road views, aerial views and even Bird’s Eye view.

Now there comes another Tour de France map, this one showing both the Tour de France course and tour updates via geo-tagged tweets. The new map, hosted here on (scroll down), highlights Twitter updates by way of blue-colored pushpins which, when clicked, reveal the tweet’s text.

As the race continues, fans will be able to read these geo-tagged tweets, containing reactions and content from spectators, journalists and even some of the Tour de France competitors themselves, like Lance Armstrong of Team Radioshack, whose Twitter account is followed by 2.5 million fans.

The map interface uses the Bing Twitter Map App’s “embed” function for this custom creation dubbed “Tour Talk.” You can check it out here along with lots of other Tour de France news. 

(via the Bing team blog)

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