Twilight Fans: Check out Bing's Virtual Twilight Tour

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If you’re a Twilight fan, then you’re likely anxiously awaiting this week’s opening of New Moon, the latest movie to detail the events taking place in Stephanie Meyer’s vampire-themed saga about a human/vampire romance. In the meantime, you can gear up for the big event with a exclusive online tour, courtesy of Bing, of all the locations mentioned in the book from the Cullen house to the high school to the hospital where Bella seems to spend a lot of time.

At The Virtual Twilight Tour website, you can pull up the various locations on the map then watch related videos that show the actual locations used in the filming. (For example, did you know that Bella Italia is a real restaurant?)

You can also watch exclusive videos like the featured video called “Land of Legends” which talks about the vampires of Forks, Washington or a clip from a “Stephanie Meyer Day” event. There are also links to online photo galleries from the new movie, actor photos, and Twilight rumors on MSN’s celebrity-themed Wonderwall site.

The new Twilight application uses Bing Maps Silverlight control for location context and integration of the video and audio elements, but most visitors won’t care about that part…they’re just there to see Edward, Bella, and everything else Twilight-related that they can get their hands on.

(via the Bing Maps blog)


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