Twitter in Excel (for real this time!)

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What’s with all the Excel/Twitter mashups lately? First we saw SpreadTweet which lets you hide Twitter in a fake Excel spreadsheet, and now, at the (unofficial) Office Watch blog, they’ve posted instructions on how to read incoming tweets in a real Excel spreadsheet. The trick, it seems, is to grab the RSS feed from for your updates. Then, in a blank workbook, head over to the Data tab and click on the “From Web” button. Paste in the RSS feed URL into the web address field. Next, click on “Import.” After Excel alerts you that “the XML source does not refer to a schema” just click OK, and place the results wherever you want on the spreadsheet.

That will get you started, but to configure other options – like adding in your updates, setting the auto-refresh intervals, doing searches, or formatting the sheet, you’ll want to review the details posted over these two blog entries (here and here). This may be a bit more complicated than the fake Excel Twitter app, but on the plus side, to use this “app,” all you need is Excel – something almost everyone has at work. And since there’s nothing to download, this may be handy at workplaces where downloads and/or installations are blocked, but you still need your Twitter...on the sly. 

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