Two More Cool Surface Apps

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Do you love checking out the latest apps for Microsoft Surface? Obviously, we do. Recently we gave you a look at Surface apps for banking, for education, and for fun. Just recently, I came across two more – this time, they’re for use in the medical industry and warehousing. These two apps aren’t brand-new, but I had never seen them before, so perhaps you haven’t either.

The first app is VitruView, which was designed by InterKnowlogy, is based on a prototype WPF application. This app is to help with angiography procedures. In other words, it’s basically a 3D multi-touch app for heart surgeries. The data created by the app is also stored in Microsoft HealthVault.

Here’s a demo.

The second app, also by InterKnowlogy is the “Warehouse Floor Command Center.” This application works with warehouse info stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The app can help optimize complex warehouse operations by generating a heat map based on pick rate information. This app lets warehouse managers find out of place bins and move them to a better location just by moving the objects on the screen. Once the bin are moved in the app, the movement information is submitted back to your warehouse application and the appropriate people are notified.

Here’s that demo.

So, as you can see, Microsoft Surface computers aren’t just fun and games – you can work with real-world information and data in ways you never could before when you’re using Surface.

(Via MicroMiel)

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