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Remember U Rank? Microsoft Research’s experimental search engine? The service is still around although it has probably been overshadowed by the much slicker Bing as of late. With U Rank, searchers can reorder search results, add notes, create lists of search results and share those lists with others. Although U Rank may not replace your everyday search engine, it’s still a good tool for doing web research projects where you want to record, save, and manage your results.

Recently, Chun-Kai Wang of Microsoft Research let us know that you can now use U Rank without first having to log in. (Previously you had to sign in with your Windows Live ID.) When using U Rank anonymously like this, your edits are only saved for that session. This actually makes it easier to use U Rank as an everyday engine for quick searches since it removes the extra steps involved with signing in. It also makes it easier for anyone who just wants to play with U Rank from time to time to give it a try. You can try the new U Rank homepage here: urank.viveri.com.

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