UK Clothing Retailer Using IE8 to Enhance Site

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Since the debut of IE8, we’ve seen a lot of clever implementations of the new Web Slices, Accelerators, and Search Providers features, most of which can be found here on the IEAddons site. However, I thought it was interesting to see how some companies have started to use IE8 for their own purposes by providing their customers with tools specifically designed for the new web browser. One such example is the UK clothing retailer, Asos. They’ve customized their website to take advantage of the IE8 web slices feature so that their customers can subscribe to their favorite product pages right in their IE8 Favorites Bar. If any new information on the item the customer saved becomes available – like a price change, for instance – the web slice will become highlighted to alert the customer of that change. I’d love to see more sites following Asos’ lead – especially those favorite stores of mine here in the US!

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