Upload Photos in their Original Size Using Photo Gallery

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Remember when we were telling you about how to use the online tool at photos.live.com because the Windows Live Photo Gallery software did not have an option to choose the size? Well, in case you didn’t already notice – it does now! I guess someone was listening. Smiley

Last month, a refresh of the Windows Live software (build 14.0.8051.1204) added this feature to your Windows Live Photo Gallery program. You should now see the option in the top right side of the window when you’re uploading pictures:


Of course, if you’re concerned about space (although with 25 GB of free storage that shouldn’t be an issue for a while!), you can always choose to compress the pictures to the “Large” or “Medium” sizes instead.

When you’re done uploading your pictures to your online photo gallery at photos.live.com for safe keeping, don’t forget that you can also use this software to upload directly to Flickr (that’s built in), to Facebook (via this plugin), to SmugMug (via this plugin), or you can send your videos straight to YouTube (via this plugin).

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