Use PayPal’s IE Plugin to Pay for All Your Online Shopping

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I just saw that PayPal has an IE plugin that lets you pay for anything on the web with your PayPal account – even on sites that don’t take PayPal! I immediately thought “wow, this is cool!”  - but I then realized that this could also lead to some dangerous impulse shopping. Sometimes the only thing holding me back from a purchase is the fact that I would have to get up and dig through my purse for my credit card. No more! Assuming you have a PayPal account, you can install this plugin, which uses PayPal ‘single use’ credit card numbers to pay for your online purchases. You can also use the plugin to save and print receipts, enter addresses with 1 click, check your PayPal balance, and avoid fraudulent websites. To get access to the plugin, you have to first login to PayPal and go to your profile, where you’ll see a link to “PayPal plug-in” on the menu on the left.

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