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Visual C++ to (re)support C++/CLI Intellisense

VC++ Team Says:

Our first implementation of C++ IntelliSense appeared in Visual C++ 6.0 and we did this through the creation of a supporting file, the infamous .NCB, that contained consolidated references and definitions generated by the compiler. IntelliSense was pretty limited but still considered an outstanding feature as no other IDE at the time offered anything similar. The .NCB file contained a rich set of information including class members, global variables, etc. but we didn’t have complete information for such constructs as namespaces and exceptions. This deficiency and the fact that these files grew so large, complex and occasionally corrupted (who doesn’t remember fixing an IntelliSense problem by deleting the .NCB file and having it rebuild), that we needed to change the underlying implementation.


Great news for C++/CLI developers.  VC++ Next will have Intellisense for C++/CLI. Read all about it here. It's great to see the VC team being so open about what went wrong in 2010 and what it took to make it right in the upcoming version.



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  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    actually this is NOT so cool ...... we used to have it in previous versions.

    and C++/CLI is NOT about native coding ...... ok sort of but not primarily.

    and that post is actually an apology:

    We realize this wasn’t what you wanted to happen and an explanation doesn’t help you get your work done if you are affected by this, but we want you to know the truth.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    @felix9: Well, it's been quite a point of contention for native developers who use VC++ 2010 to interoperate with managed code from C++.... So, this is actually a fairly big deal for the folks who care about this stuff. Many native developers probably don't care, but a significant amount do and Microsoft cares. The VC team has responded to the 2010 angst with solving what amounts to a pretty hard problem, technically. Kudos to them.


    Re apology -> it's an honest depiction of the story behind pissing people off who care(d) about interoperating with managed code in a way that makes sense to them, natively.... I don't believe this has been officially announced until today (C++/CLI support in v.next.....).


  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    OK its a good confession post, but, not so encouraging because, well, I myself is a half-c#-half-native-C++ coder and C++/CLI is my glue, now I am frustrated. Sad


    and, I am also worrying in another way, cause I dont think C++/CLI is part of the grand new plan for native 'reinanssance', its just some dirty work that have to be done, and if its the case, then it is occupying too much resources of the team, potentially affecting the real exciting new stuff, I can feel the pressure, bad for the health. Perplexed

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Felix, C++/CLI is very important and you are a more common case than not - many folks need to communicate across native and managed boundaries -> C++/CLI makes it much more natural then the PInvoke pattern in C#.... You need the glue. It's not like this need will evaporate any time soon.... C++/CLI intellisense is great when you need to productively target both native and managed libraries across light weight boundaries using Visual Studio. Many folks have been asking what the deal is here. Now you know!


  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    To me , the return of cli/c++ is very very important and while it it great to see it return i still cant get over the complete lack of competence it must have taken to prioritize it out in the first place. to me that shows a profound unability to understand your users

    intellisense is arguably the most crucial feature of visual studio. without all you have is basically notepad syntax highlighting, and i can get that for free (and supporting many many more languages)

    and from who do we remove this feature? why, from the people who are most used to having intellisense already, the managed developers!

    i might even be able to understand why it didnt make it to vs2010 rtm but cutting it from the sp1 as well? and not even planning it as a vs2010 update down the line, but requireing a new vs licence? there just no excuse for screwing your customers like that...

    anyway, rant over, its good to see that the team eventually will do the right thing, allthough the really right thing would be to bring this to bring this to vs2010 as well, but im not really holding my breath on that one

  • JeffJeff

    I am trying hard to follow MS best practices by migrating my code from MFC to WPF, but the only to do so is via CLI, so the lack of intellisense is making me MANUALLY look up everything!!! (function names etc), ESPECIALLY since i'm new to CLI and .NET.

  • Gary PriceGary Price

    I am wondering how Whole Tomato Visual Assist X fits into this. What does Intellisense provide that it does not, in this case?

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