Visualizing with Seadragon

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I just came across a very cool application which uses Microsoft’s Seadragon technology to create an interactive visualization of users and the music they like. The app, over on Tamas Nepusz’s web site, displays all the different artists on the web site as differently colored circles of different sizes. The colors relate to the genre of music – rock, pop, metal, rap, classical, hip-hop, electronic, etc. Two search boxes at the top of the map let you enter in either an artist’s name to see where they fall on the map or the name of a user to see what sort of music they like. Doing either search will actually place pushpins on the colored circles for easy identification.

This app is also featured in the Seadragon Gallery over on the Live Labs site, but that one isn’t searchable. If you’re into visualizations, though, the Live Labs Seadragon gallery is worth checking out –there are some pretty amazing visualizations embedded over there.

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