Want to Make Apps for the New Windows Phone?

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Since the announcement of the Windows Phone 7 Series, a new mobile operating system that provides a completely refreshed look-and-feel (and back-end!) for Windows Mobile devices, many developers have been asking how they can get started building applications for this new OS. As John Mullinax, a Platform Strategy Advisor at Microsoft, writes on his blog, “I’m already getting emails from folks asking how they can build apps for Windows Phone 7 Series and integrate with the experience.” They’ve seen photos from the Mobile World Conference press event that appear to feature a Pandora app on the phone’s homescreen and are wondering, how can I do that?

The answers will be revealed next month at the MIX10 conference. All those attending the event, a web conference intended for designers and developers, will receive free development tools and exclusive free support for Windows Phone 7 Series. There’s also a dedicated track on the Windows Phone 7 Series platform that runs throughout the event for mobile developers to follow. And if you register before February 21st, you can get $200 off.

So how excited are the developers? Well, as the first comment on MIX’s site about the offer reads, “Can't wait! Windows Phone 7 is made of win.” We couldn’t agree more.

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