WeFi for Windows is All New

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WeFi, the Windows software that offers an easy way to locate Wi-Fi hotspots, has been updated to version 4.0. Unlike the built-in wireless networks feature in the Windows operatng system, WeFi offers several extra options, most notably something called “WeSpots.” These “WeSpots” are free and open hotspots shared by members of the WeFi community. WeFi users can find and connect to these shared hotspots for free.

The software also lets you keep a list of favorites, like the hotspots you use at home, a friend’s house, work, or your favorite coffee shop, for example.

Another new feature in WeFi 4.0 is Facebook integration. With this, you can now login via your Facebook account and see how many hotspots you’ve mapped out. All the Wi-Fi hotspots in your area can be seen by clicking the “Wi-Fi Maps” tab.

WeFi 4.0 introduces WeFi Premium, too, a subscription service that provides access to over 90,000 hotspots in the world (mostly U.S., though).

You can grab the latest version of WeFi for free from here.

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