Will You Buy Your Next TV From Your Optometrist?

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Whilst the experience of wearing 3D glasses certainly feels a little strange to most of us, spare a thought for those who already wear glasses and have to wear the 3D goggles over their existing eyewear. The result? Headaches, pain behind the ears and worst of all, you look pretty silly too.

Samsung have spotted the problem, and have launched the world’s first prescription 3D glasses over in Korea (reports Akihabara News). The glasses are custom made to your prescription by an optometrist, and take around a week to manufacture.

There’s no word on price, but given you never see a poor optometrist out there, I’m sure there’ll be a healthy premium for the specs. It’s a potentially lucrative new line for your local optical professional though – who knows, maybe they’ll take on the big box retailers and throw in some decent service for once. Forget hours of online research, given we spend so much time looking at our TVs, a eyecare professional may well offer the best advice on which model to buy with those glasses.



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