Windows 7 Steve Ballmer Edition

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    Eddie Starr

    I get my Windows 7 Launch Party Host Pack on October 7 (ohh tomorrow) 
    Microsoft did a great thing by recognizing the blogger in the Cayman Islands..
    They went out of the way to help someone, I would love to see Apple doing something like that....

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    Ibtesam Hussain

    I also registered for the event but its really very very sad that Microsoft is not sending these to Pakistan. I am really very very dissapointed. Balmer Please send me too.. This is unfair Sad I am very sad about it. I want a Party Pack too..I tested Windows 7 since Beta stage and in the end i didn't even get the party pack just because of the location Sad..I also sent an email but no one responded to mine Email Crying

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    I received my party pack and it's nice, lots of things in it.  I'd like to say thanks MS & i'm a fan of the software, highly recommended.   I also installed the Steve Ballmer edition but see nothing diff about it.  I would have liked some bonus image galley at least.


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