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When one Windows enthusiast complained that they weren’t eligible to host a Windows 7 Party due to their location (the Cayman Islands), Microsoft decided to send them a free Windows 7 Party Pack – the box of goodies given out to Windows 7 launch party hosts – well before anyone else in the world received theirs.

After writing a complaint email and sending it directly to Steve Ballmer himself, the upset customer was surprised to receive a response the very next day explaining why the Caribbean region was not covered in the ongoing promotion (something to do with “logistics” and “other limiting factors”). To make up for this, though, Microsoft offered to send out a USA Party Pack for free.  

Thrilled with the offer, the writer returned to their blog to detail what the pack included, complete with unboxing photos. Along with the Windows 7 tote bags, branded napkins, puzzle, playing cards, and poster was a special edition of the Windows 7 OS: the “Steve Ballmer Signature Edition.” Given out exclusively to party hosts, this special copy of Windows 7 Ultimate features Steve Ballmer’s signature right on the box.

You can check out all the party pack unboxing pics here on the StuffiWrote blog.


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    Eddie Starr

    I get my Windows 7 Launch Party Host Pack on October 7 (ohh tomorrow) 
    Microsoft did a great thing by recognizing the blogger in the Cayman Islands..
    They went out of the way to help someone, I would love to see Apple doing something like that....

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    Ibtesam Hussain

    I also registered for the event but its really very very sad that Microsoft is not sending these to Pakistan. I am really very very dissapointed. Balmer Please send me too.. This is unfair Sad I am very sad about it. I want a Party Pack too..I tested Windows 7 since Beta stage and in the end i didn't even get the party pack just because of the location Sad..I also sent an email but no one responded to mine Email Crying

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    I received my party pack and it's nice, lots of things in it.  I'd like to say thanks MS & i'm a fan of the software, highly recommended.   I also installed the Steve Ballmer edition but see nothing diff about it.  I would have liked some bonus image galley at least.


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