Windows Live Adds 19 More Activity Partners

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Windows Live, the social homepage that connects you to all your online activities including email, news, photos, social networks, and more, has just added 19 more “activity partners” to their line up. In case you’re unfamiliar, the activity partners are the websites you can add to your network feed – an always-updated source of information about what your friends are doing around the web. It’s sort of like Facebook’s News Feed except that it includes updates about what you’re doing on Windows Live as well as on other websites around the net including Facebook. Here, you can configure your page to get updates from social networking sites like Twitter, Flickr, Yelp, and Pandora, and tons of others as well as from blogs and RSS feeds. You can pick which ones you want to see by editing your settings from your homepage.

As of this week, you now have access to 19 more web activities partners, including, most notably, YouTube, CNET, and The other sites being added are more country specific as you can see here in the list below:

Although many of those sites are only popular in their home countries, you don’t have to live in that country to add them to your network feed.

If you prefer to use MSN as your homepage, you can also add your Windows Live Network feed to that site now too, thanks to the new redesign of available here:

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