Windows Live Calendar Becomes Mobile Web App

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Good news from the Windows Live team – the Windows Live Calendar service is now available as a mobile application on your smartphone. Within the new mobile web-based application, you can manage your calendar, including adding new events, browsing upcoming events, previewing event details, setting reminders and charms, and checking your schedule by day, week or month. In other words, pretty much everything you can do from the traditional, desktop-based web application, you can now do from the mobile one too.

In the new app, you can also manage your shared calendars, too, like family calendars, birthday calendars, holiday calendars, etc. You can even access public calendars available via the Internet.

To demonstrate this feature, the Windows Live team points out the calendar available via Just click this link and you can access your Facebook events from within Windows Live Calendar. Or you can click here to subscribe to a World Cup calendar instead.

To try the new service, visit from your phone’s browser.

Supported browsers include iPhone/iPod Touch with Safari 3.0+, Opera on Windows Mobile 6.1.4+, S 60/5th Gen+, Blackberry 5+, Opera, Palm, Android.

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