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Well that’s handy! Jamie pointed out a feature of the new Windows Live Hotmail (Wave 3) that you may have not have heard about before. The feature is called “Quick Add” and it allows you to easily insert web content in your email message from a bar that appears on the right side of your screen.

In the Quick Add bar, you’ll see the options: Maps, Restaurants, Movie times, Images, Videos, and Business listings. If you’re composing a message where you needed to include one of these types of things – say, for example, directions to a party, the restaurant you’re suggesting for dinner, the photo of the gadget you’ve been lusting after, etc. – you can easily add them directly into your message with ease.

After clicking your choice from the list, you’re presented with a search box which allows you to query the engine. The results appear right in the sidebar and underneath each one is an option to add the item to your email. Simply click on the word “Insert” and the map, restaurant, photo, etc. will automatically be added to your email.

First I inserted the restaurant info…


Then I inserted the map!


That’s a pretty great feature, if I do say so myself. Thanks for the tip, Jamie!

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