Windows Live Photo Gallery Now Does Geotagging

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Thanks to the recent refresh of the Windows Live Essentials beta, Windows Live Photo Gallery now supports geo-tagged photos via Bing Maps. Geo-tagging (adding location information to a photo) helps you see, on a map, where a particular photo was taken. By supporting geo-tags within Photo Gallery, you can optionally sort your photos by location within the application.

Also, thanks to the new feature that allows you to publish a series photos directly to Photosynth (Create menu –> More Tools –> Create a Photosynth), the geotagged option will allow the synth to be rendered and then placed on Bing Maps. Then all you would have to do to finish your synth is add a title, tags, and a description.

To get the new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery which supports this feature, just head over to the Windows Live Essentials beta homepage here and hit the “download now” button.

(via the Bing team blog)

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