Windows Live Photos Releases Update To Make Thumbnails Look Even Better

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This is what I love about online software: super-fast upgrades. The new Windows Live has only been open to the public for a couple of days now, but already they’re upgrading bits and pieces of it. One of the updates I happened across this morning as I was adding photos to an album in my Windows Live Photos. I was in an album looking at the thumbnails when a noticed a new message across the top: “We've made a change to make your thumbnails look even better,” it read. I thought my thumbnails looked OK already, but if they could look “even better,” I definitely wanted to see what that was all about. If this was a desktop software application, the process of updating the app would involve downloading and installing a new version. I would probably have to close and re-open the software, too. It’s kind of a hassle. But because Windows Live Photos is an online service, upgrades like this can be pushed out and installed instantaneously. I clicked the button and within seconds, I tell you, my thumbnails did, in fact, look even better.

Not only am I excited about this new service, I’m also excited that it’s always being incrementally improved like this. It’s good to know even small details, like the size and spacing of photos for example, are closely being examined and tweaked when necessary.

Here’s what the update changed:

Before, thumbnails are smaller, more rectangular:


After, thumbnails are larger, more square:


The Discussion

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    Geoff Coupe

    Erm, have you actually tried to rearrange photos and albums in the new Windows Live Photos service? That's right, you can't. That feature was cut from the final service. One step forwards, two steps back...

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    tell 'em to bring it back!

    As a workaround, I named my photos 1, 2, 3 and then uploaded them so they would be in the order I wanted.

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