Windows Live Sync Gets a Makeover

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Windows Live Sync, the file sharing and synchronization service, (no, not that one, the other one) has officially joined the Windows Live set of applications with the latest revamp of the service. According to the team blog post, Live Sync “has a new look,” but it seems that it’s more than just a cosmetic makeover. Now it’s clear the service is meant to be a part of Windows Live. When you visit the new site at, you’ll see that it’s just another node on your Windows Live network of services now, along with Photos, Mail, SkyDrive, etc.

The Discussion

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    I guess, and it is just a guess, that this commitment to Live Sync / SkyDrive means that the technology behind Live Mesh will be incorporated into these services instead of Live Mesh launched as a separate service.  That would make sense to me.  Make Live Mesh Devices "Ring" into Live Devices.  Integrate Live Mesh Apps & Storage into Live SkyDrive.  And incorporate Live Mesh's syncing/collaborative technology into Live Sync.

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