Windows Live Writer Sidebar Gadget

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I can’t believe I didn’t know this existed! As I blogger, I live in Windows Live Writer almost as much - if not more - than I live in email. So how did I not know that there’s a Windows Sidebar gadget just for Live Writer? Awesome. This is my new must-have for all my Windows machines. 

The Windows Live Writer Gadget provides shortcuts to routine tasks performed in Windows Live Writer. With the gadget, you can create a new blog entry, open a previous blog entry, or even open the Windows Live Writer options right from your Vista Sidebar. You can even drag and drop items right onto the gadget, too, including images, and URLs, image URLs. Each time you drag and drop an item, the gadget will open up a new blog entry in Live Writer with the relevant details already inserted.

The latest version of the gadget offers two different sizes which are configurable in the gadget’s settings and the gadget also now works on Windows Vista x64 systems. Try it out for yourself from here.

P.S. Works on Windows 7, too!

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