Windows Phone 7 Comparison Chart

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Many options to choose from when it comes to WP7 phones leaves some people wondering which one is right for them. has a post with Indy8's great Metro-looking chart of available WP7 phones. This breaks down how much each weighs, screen size, body size, memory and camera capabilities. Only thing I found missing was which ones as sliders and which are touch only [edit: it does have icons representing the sliders with keyboards.] Let's hope this great graphic keeps getting updated as new models hit the streets.

The Discussion

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    Thank You for the comparison chart.I'm sooo looking forward to getting this phone!

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    look again at the graphic, it does show which phones have a keyboard.

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    OK Nice Samsung Focus really
    Nice !

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    I got Samsung Focus about 2 weeks ago at Costco for $50 (with no activation fee until Dec 31) and like it very much.

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    @jr:DOH! I completely missed that! Smiley Thanks

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    I got my HTC HD7 about a month ago in Europe (ordered it in Germany). Unfortunately, the European version of the HD7 only comes with 8Gb (except for some specific operator issued ones). But I managed to get a micro SD card of 32Gb and replaced the internal micro SD card. It goes without saying that this isn't mentioned in the manual, but the device works great!

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