Windows Phone 7 Series Drops "Series" from Its Name

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Microsoft does listen! According to an announcement made via the company’s official Twitter account, the company is now dropping the word “Series” from the formerly long and cumbersome name.  David Webster, the chief strategy officer in Microsoft's central marketing group, explained to TechFlash that the reason the name was created in the first place was to distinguish the fact that “Windows Phone is an OS, it’s not a phone.” Meaning, the Windows Phone OS will soon run on a number of devices made by different handset manufacturers. Calling it “Windows Phone” makes it sound like there’s just the one.
But that’s no matter now because what people needed was a name that better rolls off the tongue. So Windows Phone 7 it is. Personally, I like the change. Now I won’t have to keep abbreviating it WP7S for brevity’s sake!

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