Windows Phone 7 Series a Hit? Here's What They're Saying

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With the launch of the new Windows Phone 7 Series device, Microsoft has refreshed their mobile platform with a bang. The new phone takes many risks from its live tile interface to its onboard Bing button. It also introduces some features other phones don’t – and won’t ever have – like the Xbox LIVE and Zune integration. But did the revamp pay off? Here’s what people are saying so far:


  • The sheer minimalism of the interface is striking, and we're really impressed by how many risks Microsoft is taking here.
  • This OS looks nothing like anything else on the market, and we think that's to its advantage.
  • …the design of the interface is definitely in a class of its own.
  • …for the first time in a long time, we're excited about Microsoft in the mobile space.
  • …things are really starting to get interesting.

Gizmodo (and Gizmodo again)

  • The result is a feat no phone has performed before: Making the iPhone's interface feel staid.
  • I think it feels natural and just…fun. There's an incredible sense of joie de vivre that's just not in any other phone.
  • The People hub might be the best social networking implementation yet on a phone.
  • If Microsoft's got an ace-in-hole with Windows Phone 7, it's Xbox Live.
  • The Outlook email app makes me question how people read email on a BlackBerry. It is stunning. I never thought I'd call a mail app "stunning," but, well, it kind of is. It's the best looking mobile mail app around.
  • It's actually good. It brings together a bunch of different Microsoft services—Zune, Xbox, Bing—in a way that actually makes sense and just works.
  • No matter who you root for, to be anything short of impressed is stupid.


  • Overall I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed by what they’ve shown off today and it’s a great sign that not only is Microsoft taken a giant leap forward in the mobile space but also is offering something that is far different to Windows Mobile today if not everything else on the market.


  • The devices themselves are sleek, with fast beautiful user interfaces…Am I going to buy one of these “Windows Phone 7 Series” phones? It’s quite likely…Now, Microsoft makes my favorite operating system, music player, software, productivity software, and now perhaps phone. That means that in short order Microsoft might be in my phone, PMP, and computer. Welcome back Redmond, we all missed you.

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