With Kinect and a Pair of Night Vision Goggles, Who Needs to Decorate for the Holidays?

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No doubt you’ll have heard that a certain motion-based peripheral for Xbox 360 launches today in the US. Yes, Kinect is finally here, and I hope you’ve already got your order in for the holidays, as the talk is that it’s going to be this season’s must-have gadget, for kids of all ages.

Whilst you’re pondering which of the launch range titles you’re going to buy then check out this awesome video of Kinect in action posted on YouTube recently and found by Global Geek News.

A guy calling himself RumblePackNZ filmed Kinect through a pair of night vision goggles, showing how Kinect floods your room with thousands of infra-red dots, used to track your body in minute detail as you play. It’s an incredible light show, and reveals a little of the magic behind the new controller. 

Next time you think your living room is looking a little drab, save yourself the hassle of re-decorating - go buy yourself some night vision goggles and fire up your Kinect – aside from the fun of the games, a fabulous free light show is yours, whenever you please. 

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