Workshare Releases New Tool for Comparing PowerPoint Presentations

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There’s a new tool called Workshare Compare for PowerPoint, which will appeal to power users of PowerPoint who create large, complex, and complicated presentations using the Microsoft Office slideshow software. The purpose of the software is to track and manage edits made in slides from collaborators and other reviewers or within multiple versions of a presentation made by one individual. The changes can include things like text changes, images, speaker notes, fonts, changes to the slide master, and more.

After identifying the differences between the presentations, Workshare Compare users can then easily combine slides from the multiple presentations into one single presentation file.

This software is not for the casual user though – you would have to have a heavy investment in PowerPoint to make purchasing it worthwhile. A one year subscription starts at $145 USD and includes upgrades. For that price, it’s obviously not meant to be consumer-level technology. However, for those who have desperately wanted this sort of functionality for years, it will likely be a price they’re willing to pay.

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