World Cup Tweets via Bing Maps

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Nifty! I just discovered a new mashup courtesy of Steve Clayton which brings you a Bing Maps interface overlaid with tweets from the World Cup. From Microsoft’s FUSE Labs – yep, the same folks behind all the fun projects as of late, including, Emporia, Bing Twitter, Twitter Maps, Kodu and Spindex – there now comes GoalMap2010.

There’s nothing too complex about this mashup, it’s just tweets on a map, similar to the popular Twitter “mapplication” for Bing Maps. However, in this case, you can see the tweets for the current World Cup game unfold in real-time on top of a map of the game’s location. Plus, you can see tweets from the two countries playing, on top of their respective homelands. You can even see tweets from your own neighborhood, in order to tap into what those around you are saying.

All of these options exist as four separate, embeddable maps that you can place on your own website or blog.

Goooooaaaaaalll, indeed!

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