Wunder Radio Now Available for Windows Mobile

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Wunder Radio, an already popular mobile application, became available to users of Windows Mobile phones just last week. The service provides access to nearly 36,000 radio stations delivered by Radio Time. With this app, you can access over 400 different genres including music, talk, sports, entertainment, and more. In addition to providing streaming radio services, the application can also help you tune into local stations with ease. By using your phone’s GPS capabilities, Wunder Radio can generate a list of all the local stations in your area, which you could then save for later access.

The Windows Mobile application features a today screen plugin which lets you view “now playing” program and song information and lets you select from your favorite presets all from your phone’s main screen with no need to open the app itself.

The only drawback (for some) regarding the Wunder Radio app may be its price. After the currently running 30-day promotion ends, the app will be sold for $14.99 (it’s $10 now). So although mobile apps like Pandora can’t compete when it comes to sheer quantity of stations available (that’s also not quite what they do), the price for Pandora (free) may make it still seem like a winner.

You can download Wunder Radio from here.

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    Guo Jing

    Nice , but I really hate the wireless in China.. I have to pay 1.5 dollar for 1 month for only 5M !

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