Xbox Kinect – It’s Not Just About the Games

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We’re only a month away from the launch of Xbox Kinect, and whilst a huge amount has been written about some of the kick ass, motion-controlled games that are coming down the line (Kinect Adventures is definitely my favourite), there’s another really cool feature that hasn’t has as much limelight – live video chat.

Xbox LIVE Video Kinect (to give it its full name) allows you to chat via the Kinect’s video camera with friends who are also using Kinect, or on Windows Live Messenger. It includes an Auto-Zoom Focus which instantly finds you and follows you around the room (if you’re moving about) so you’re always in frame. Kinect’s integrated microphone means that there’s no headset required too.

When you go into the Video Kinect menu, you’ll be shown a list of your friends who have recently been online. Some will also be on Kinect, others on Windows Live Messenger, but you’ll see an integrated list.

Once you’re chatting with a friend, you can choose to watch a video together, which will open up in a separate box on screen – you can choose Movies, Sports, News and Music videos all from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

Video Chat on the TV used to be the stuff of science fiction, but next month, it’s all yours. Check out Video Kinect in action.



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    Would be good to see this in action - how about doing a PING show recorded totally via Kinect to give us an idea of how this feature performs? (I know we have the official video but I'm thinking something a little more down and dirty)

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    @Ian2: good idea, i'm sure you can plug the Xbox video/audio output into a capture device.

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