Yep, That's Bill Gates on Twitter

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates has officially joined Twitter (and following us @ch9). On Tuesday, January 19th, the @BillGates Twitter account saw its initial post which humorously began “Hello World…” a nod to the language commonly used in many tutorials when teaching a programming language. The new account was first noticed by the tech blog The Next Web and Twitter employee @caroline confirmed it was official. The account now displays Twitter’s own seal of authenticity by way of the “Verified Account” emblem displayed at the top right of the BillGates Twitter page.

In addition, Gates has officially rejoined Facebook too. This comes after famously quitting last year due to being inundated with thousands of friend requests. Now instead of a personal account, he has launched a Facebook page where it appears the purpose is to share worthy articles, news regarding his charitable Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and photos from his travels. The new Facebook page is here.


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