Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Project

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The Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project began last year as a way to create a snapshot in time of the present-day geologic conditions at Yosemite National Park. Using gigapixel imagery, the goal was to construct a large scale image of the valley walls in high detail. The end result would aid research in the area of rockfall activity as well as become an asset to the park’s search and rescue operations. The shooting began in May of this year. To get the images, 70 photographers are hiking through the park with robotic cameras in tow which are positioned by GPS coordinates to take the shot. They even communicate via radio to synchronize when the shot is to be taken.  Scoble has video about this project here.

Now Adam Kinney is reporting that the Silverlight Deep Zoom version of this site is live. Using the Deep Zoom feature built into Silverlight, you can zoom in and out of 45 gigapixels worth of Yosemite Park data. You have to try this! Go here. It’s incredible.

Oh and, Doug, you wanted to know where all the dope Silverlight demos were? Ha. We’ve got applications.

P.S. Tafiti and the Hard Rock Memorabilia site aren’t bad examples either.

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