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Although many of today’s email programs allow for large attachments, you never know if the person on the receiving end is using an email program that can receive them. This is especially true if you’re trying to send a file to a corporate email account, as most email admins put limits on attachment sizes that can be both sent and received. If you’re unsure, you’re better off simply using an online service to send the large file instead of trying to email it yourself…especially if the file is time-sensitive.

The online service YouSendIt is a favorite for sending large files over the internet. The service offers three versions: a free personal account that allows sending of files up to 2 GB, plus Business and Corporate accounts that offer additional file security, tracking, and deployment tools.

Today, YouSendIt offers a variety of plugins that integrate with the applications you use everyday, including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. With these plugins installed, you can seamlessly send files from within the program itself, without having to go online and browse to the web site.

The Outlook plugin has been around for awhile now, having made its debut back in March 2008. Since then, the plugin has been downloaded 261,209 times. IT admins love the plugin because it deploys easily, reduces strain on email servers, and users tend to adopt it right away with little training required.

The Outlook plugin offers a resumable upload feature that handles network interruptions – so even if you’re on a flaky Wi-Fi connection, a timeout won’t mean you have to start all over – your upload will just continue where it left off.

The YouSendIt Microsoft Office plugin is new. This plugin also handles network interruptions while offering 25% faster uploads than the web application. It even lets you add additional files and folders to one upload batch to save you time when you need to send multiple files. The plugin includes all standard YouSendIt features like password protection, certified delivery, and file expiration control, too.


YouSendIt AddIn In Office 2007

Once installed, the plugin provides a new option from the “Send” menu of Microsoft Office - “Send by YouSendIt.”

Registered YouSendIt users can download this plugin for free from here.

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