YouTube Gets Silverlight!

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Microsoft and Google working together? Yep. It seems Google-owned YouTube is running Microsoft Silverlight in CBS’s dedicated channel for March Madness. (For those of you outside the States, March Madness is when everyone goes crazy over basketball).

In the CBS YouTube Channel located here: there’s an embedded Sliverlight player which appears to be just the same as the one running on the free March Madness on Demand site.

This new Silverlight-powered channel also represents the first time YouTube has ever been able to offer live TV to its audience, which is a big deal since YouTube has been missing out lately on some pretty major live TV events. The Obama inauguration comes to mind, for example. Although YouTube used Akamai last year to stream its own user festival, we hadn’t seen the site showing any other live TV/live video footage since.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go now. According to Dan Frommer of Business Insider,  it’s “the best Web video we've ever seen.” We totally agree.

The Discussion

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    The audio quality in Silverlight videos is great. That video quality when you switch to HQ is good too, especially for streaming content.

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    I'm genuinely shocked that Google would use Silverlight. Never thought they would actually use Microsoft's technology.

    It's also interesting that YouTube got  Microsoft's Silverlight before MSN Video Smiley

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