Zoom.it: Shortened URLs for Deep Zoom Pics

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Zoom.it is a new service from the folks at Live Labs which lets you create shortened URLs for deep zoom images. To create a deep zoom image, you can just enter in the link to any standard image anywhere on the Web. Zoom.it will covert the image to the Deep Zoom format and then return a shortened URL, perfect for tweeting.

On the Zoom.it homepage, there are a handful of examples, including a gorgeous high-res image of a galaxy snapped by Hubble, a panoramic view of an old map of Milwaukee, from the Library of Congress, an expansive panorama of Yosemite (via the Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project) and more.

The Zoom.it service runs on Windows Azure and uses Microsoft Silverlight. End users can try it now from http://zoom.it. Developers can access the API from here.

(via Steve Clayton)

The Discussion

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    One of the great things about zoom.it (and seadragon.com before it) is that if a user doesn't have Silverlight installed, the site will use Seadragon AJAX for the viewer instead with no big "Download Silverlight" button (although it is faster in Silverlight). 

    Try the HTML5 Canvas version of Seadragon AJAX in the IE9 Beta, either by temporarily disabling Silverlight or by using the 64-bit version of IE (for which there is currently no 64-bit version of Silverlight).

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