Zune HD Getting Glowing Reviews

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There are good reviews and then there are good reviews. We imagine that the Zune team is pretty happy to see that the new update to the music and video player is getting more of the latter. Recently, CNET blogger Donald Bell wrote a headline for his Zune review that actually said “tears of joy.”

Bell says that this new player “is worth the wait” and then discusses exactly why, noting the hardware “feels expensive, solid, and sexy,” the playback screen “has been given a lot of work,” “the web browser smokes,” and more. He also says that Zune’s coolest trick is the way it “automatically pulls in a gallery of band photos, biographical information, and similar artist recommendations for any currently playing song.”

Now Bell admits he’s been a fan of the Zune since he bought his first one back in 2007, but he’s not the only one apparently going nuts for the new device. The Got Zune? blog also points out there are other great reviews from around the net pouring in, including those from CNET’s Matt Rosoff (“I was impressed by how much functionality Microsoft was able to pack into such a small screen”),Engadget (“the thing kind of rocks”), Gizmodo (“really impressed…the device is tighter and more physically beautiful than the iPod Touch and it's got a better UI…”), GearLog, and FitRet.

Although you can’t get your hands on a Zune HD yet (it’s coming this fall), both Gizmodo and CNET have posted drool-worthy photo galleries you can peruse in the meantime.



The Discussion

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    John Ellis

    This better get an international launch. Seriously, I have been hearing for years that MS just wants to make deals with music labels in other countries- that should have been done by now. I'm sick of having to import any Zune goodness into my life!

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    Can someone remove this SPAM!

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    I can't wait for this one and also to get more details.. will it support DLNA???? will it get an International release????

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    I hope for a new Zune Software. With alot of music the actual version feels so slow.
    Microsoft!! Europe is waiting for the Zune!!

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    I agree with pokeystuff, this thing wants DLNA and/or Media Center Extender capabilities.  It would make for the ultimate docked scenario.

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    We're literally a month from release and still no complete specs. 
    What gives and why aren't MS allowing video previews for the device? 
    Especially considering the positive word.

    EDIT: Someone managed to sneak a video of the demo. This really should have been an official interview via Channel 10 with proper video.  Come on guys, fight a little harder for this kind of stuff.  Don't let the first exposure be through poor phone-cam footage.  Do something like what Laura did with the guys at BING.

    Video for those that want to see it. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4c928gG5vE )

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