Zune HD Getting Glowing Reviews

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The Discussion

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    John Ellis

    This better get an international launch. Seriously, I have been hearing for years that MS just wants to make deals with music labels in other countries- that should have been done by now. I'm sick of having to import any Zune goodness into my life!

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    Can someone remove this SPAM!

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    I can't wait for this one and also to get more details.. will it support DLNA???? will it get an International release????

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    I hope for a new Zune Software. With alot of music the actual version feels so slow.
    Microsoft!! Europe is waiting for the Zune!!

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    I agree with pokeystuff, this thing wants DLNA and/or Media Center Extender capabilities.  It would make for the ultimate docked scenario.

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    We're literally a month from release and still no complete specs. 
    What gives and why aren't MS allowing video previews for the device? 
    Especially considering the positive word.

    EDIT: Someone managed to sneak a video of the demo. This really should have been an official interview via Channel 10 with proper video.  Come on guys, fight a little harder for this kind of stuff.  Don't let the first exposure be through poor phone-cam footage.  Do something like what Laura did with the guys at BING.

    Video for those that want to see it. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4c928gG5vE )

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