Zune HD Launches New Colors

The Discussion

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    Hektik Lyfe

    Very nice.  Much better than brown.


    Still, too expensive.


    Remember that this is the underdog and you NEED to undercut the competition to be a success.  You have good hardware and software, you just need the consumers.  Drop the price and they will come.


    Release videos and tutorials on how to easily transfer music from your iTunes library etc. etc.  <--- This is a great idea don't ignore it.

    That's what most iPod owners are afraid of.  "Well I already have everything in iTunes and I just don't know how to..."

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    Can we please get some 64GB sweetness MS. This is why i'm holding out on getting one, I can imagine a lot more people are doing the same. And bring the dang thing to Canada already.  


    ....my zune 80 is getting long in the tooth. Sad

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