Zune Reaches #2 Spot on Amazon Pre-Launch

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It’s not even out yet, but the Zune HD has already reached the #2 spot on Amazon’s bestsellers list for mp3 players. The new device, which is available for pre-order now has been the subject of some seriously glowing reviews praising everything from the UI to hardware to the web browser and more. The player comes in both a 16 GB model ($219.99) and a 32 GB model ($289.99) but it’s the larger of the two which is surging up the charts at Amazon, beating out Nanos, Shuffles, Classics, and other players left and right.

And if you can’t wait for your new Zune to arrive, Amazon even has a deal which guarantees shipment by its release day, September 15th. For only a few dollars more, you can add on this accelerated shipping option to your order.



The Discussion

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    What's most interesting about the best seller list (Zune HD now at 3rd spot behind iPod touch 3rd gen) is that folks are favoring the higher capacity version of the player, compared with the opposite for the iPod touch.  Zune HD 32GB is the player of choice versus the 8GB version of the iPod touch.


    The information could be interpreted any number of ways, but in the end it spells good news for MS that folks are more likely to buy the higher end version of their player and pay the premium on it.  Similar circumstances were present with the X360 where folks bought the Premium bundle over the Arcade sku.


    The only question now is whether MS will reconsider and release a 64GB version to the masses.  They've got my paycheck, I can tell you.

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    Could Channel 10 do a spot going over all of the key features of the Zune desktop software, website, and hardware?  There's so much great stuff out there (especially with the 4.0 software and new website), but people don't know about it.

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    (I want a video that I can send to my friends.)

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