Zune Update: What's New?

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The recent Zune system maintenance brought a few new features to the Zune software. For starters, The Digital Lifestyle blog noticed the software supports Windows 7 libraries after the update to 4.2. Now the “Monitored Folders” section under the software’s settings adds the Windows 7 Library locations in the list of folders to watch. This includes the Libraries for Music, Videos, and Photos. You can also choose which locations should be the defaults for saving content. Also new is a Podcast library for syncing podcasts via Homegroup settings.

While the Zune Insider blog notes that this update focuses on maintenance of the Zune service, commenters over on Engadget have discovered AVI files are now supported, too. Others are reporting the software seems snappier than before.

If you haven’t recently used the Zune software, do so now and you’ll be prompted to install the update. You’ll need to do this in order to continue to use the Zune service.



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