iBrowz: A New RSS Reader for Windows Mobile

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I just came across a good-looking RSS reader application for Windows Mobile phones called iBrowz. Within this application, feeds are grouped into categories (Tech, Finance, Gaming, Sports, News, etc.) and each category has its own colorful icon associated with it. To read your feeds, you first tap the category itself, then tap again to see the headlines from a particular feed. To read the news story in detail, a third tap opens up the article within the RSS reader.

Although you can manage your subscriptions within the application, there’s a web interface where this can be done, too. The changes you make online then sync back to the mobile app immediately.

The biggest drawback to iBorwz is the fact that it doesn’t allow you to add in your own feeds – you have to choose from the selection they provide. That’s a major bummer for any serious RSS users.

Still, there are a few extra features that make iBrowz worth a look. For example, you can also use the app to post messages to your friend’s Facebook wall, search Yelp, or manage your Neflix queue. Those don’t have anything to do with RSS, which is sort of odd, but it’s cool to have those options, anyway.

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