iGo Delivers Green Devices That Save Energy

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New surge protectors, laptop chargers, and electrical outlets from a company called iGo were unveiled at this week’s CES. These “green” products are designed to help you save energy, which of course means that you can save money too. For any heavy duty computer and gadget users, these devices will certainly be appealing.

The way the iGo products conserve energy is by stopping the flow of electricity to plugged-in devices once they’ve been fully recharged. This technology virtually eliminates what the company calls "vampire energy" - the power used by devices in off or standby modes. Says iGo, their  products automatically use 80% less standby power than standard power products.

One of the new products that I would love to try out is what the company says is the first ever "green" laptop charger (pictured) - a device that would come in handy for those of us who use laptops as our main computers.
The surge protector is also definitely on my wish list as it offers 4 of these automatic shut-off outlets and four regular outlets for things that don’t need charging…like my Chumby, for example.

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