iSendr: Share Big Files Easily

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I just came across a handy web app for sharing big files with friends without having to first upload them to one of those file server type websites. (You know, the kind that barrages you with ads when you go to download the file? Upgrade! Premium features! Etc.)

Instead, iSendr (Beta) is a direct connection between two parties. The company doesn’t monitor or capture the files being sent. The app also offers some basic security – security through obfuscation and a user-set password. Transfers use 128-bit AES encryption, too. Still, you would want to be cautious for using this for any sensitive data, obviously.

The design of the service is simple: 2 buttons only. One button to send a file, one to claim. And no ads!

iSendr was created by the folks at Caffeinated Mind, a Boston-based software design and development group, initially as an internal tool. Now they’re actively working on it and making improvements. 

The website was built using Flash, so you’ll need a supported web browser and plugin in order to either send or claim files.

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