Upgrade Vista or IE7's Built-In Feed Reader

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If you regularly use Vista or Internet Explorer 7's built-in RSS feed reader, but wish you could do more with it, you'll love the free upgrade to RikReader. Codename:RikReader is an RSS reader which complements the RSS platform in Vista and IE7. Once installed, the application offers a choice of views for reading your feeds. You can read feeds in a standard view, with items ordered by date posted. You can read feeds individually, or if they are grouped into folders for better organization, you can read all the items contained in one of the folders.

With the reader's unified view, you can also choose to see all the feeds you subscribe to in a single list. A view called "Newspaper View," displays feeds organized as if they were articles on a newspaper page, which is a unique and aesthetically pleasing way to read your items. Best of all, though, is RikReader's search ability. The reader offers full-text, indexed searching which allows your to perform advanced searching of all of your items quickly and easily from the search box at the top of the reader's window. Search is a feature that is often sorely lacking in many online readers, so that feature alone, makes RikReader worth a try.

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