WordPress in Azure - Up and Running in Ten Minutes - Stop and Go Tutorial

Play WordPress in Azure - Up and Running in Ten Minutes - Stop and Go Tutorial
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Want to have a quick and easy blog up in ten minutes? No coding required. Follow along as you learn how to setup a blog with WordPress deployed into an Azure Web App using the Azure marketplace. You'll have your first entry in within 10 minutes with a publicly available URL. We'll even use the Azure free Web Apps for this. This video is done in devfish's patented STOP-AND-GO tutorial format with a structure that allows the viewer to follow along at their own pace.

When you have your blog up and going, post a comment with the link to your first post!



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The Discussion

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    Jacob Hansil

    My wordpress blog website is stratix.azurewebsites.net

    Jacob Hansil

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    Darren Quichocho

    My wordpress blog is http://quichochod.azurewebsites.net

    IDH 4930

    Note: This is my personal blog that will follow the process of making my brand. I plan to create another blog dedicated to my brand and apps.

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    Thanks Joe! Your tutorial really helped me get the wordpress site up and running with my student account. Was tucked away in the depths of Azure services.

    Here is a link to the now up and running blog: http://binaryphoenix.azurewebsites.net/

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    Adriano Triana


    This is my blog for IDH 4930!

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    Chomba Waihenya

    Here is a link to my blog for the EGN 4930 class:

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    Joshua Milford

    Good stuff Joe.


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    Duyen Le

    Here is a link to my blog!

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    Kaitlin Kidd

    EGN 4930
    Link to my blog:

  • User profile image
    Gurdane Sethi

    EGN 4930
    Blog link: http://climbingladders.azurewebsites.net/

  • User profile image
    Victoria Carlos

    Link to my blog: http://viccarlos.azurewebsites.net/

    Thanks Joe!

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    Jesse Huffman


  • User profile image
    Pat Emery

    Here is a link to my WordPress!

  • User profile image
    Juan Garcia

    Here is my link to wordpress


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    Michel Prima

    Here is a link to my wordpress

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