Linux/Java interoperability with Open XML

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The Open XML file formats can be used in many development environments, because they're based on very common technologies: ZIP and XML. In this video, Datta Kulkarni and Sanjay Kumar of Sonata Software (Bangalore, India) demonstrate a proof-of-concept Open XML application their team has developed, which demonstrates the level of interoperability that Open XML enables.

The sample application is running on a Linux server (in a VPC for this demo), and it has a typical Linux stack: Tomcat, Apache, MySQL, and a custom Java application. The user connects to this server from a Vista/IE machine, makes a few selections, and creates a DOCX that gets passed back to the client. The user then makes changes in Word 2007 and uploads their modified version to the Linux server, where Java code runs to extract the revision-tracking history and show the document's changes through a browser interface.

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    Congratulations for the great demo! I would like to know if there is a part of it available for download, containing the essentials to make one round-trip. No big functionalities needed.

    Thanks a lot..Regards

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