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Julien Chable has been working on an open-source API project that would give Java developers a tool for rapid development of Open XML solutions. Since the Java environment doesn't have the .NET Framework 3.0 packaging API (System.IO.Packaging) to support the low-level details, the first phase of this project is to clone the packaging API in Java, which is an ambitious task. Nonetheless, Julien has already delivered the basics of iterating through package parts and writing documents, and he is now looking for contributors to expand the project significantly in the months ahead.

Julien was in Redmond last week for the MVP Summit, and Doug Mahugh caught up with him in Building 20 to discuss the status of his API project and look at some hands-on example of how it works. Julien demonstrates the Java packaging API, as well as some higher-level objects he has built on top of that layer, and describes his goals for the project. If you're a Java developer with an interest in Open XML, see the SourceForge link below for information on how to participate in this project.

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